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MOTIVE project: Meetings Planned

Kick off meetingAlmaLaureaFebruary 24, 2020Bologna, ItalyProject Presentation; 1st SC; Management of the project and financial issues; Partnership Agreement; Next steps, definition of partners’ role and related tasks.
Training and DisseminationPTITJune 2020Hanoi, VietnamHorizontal training: researchers, IT and administrative staff;
1st Dissemination Event; Survey Questionnaire discussion; Project management.
Workshop on Comparative Graduate TrackingNUAESeptember/October 2020Hanoi, Vietnam2nd SC; Workshop on best practices for Graduate Tracking in Vietnam; Almalaurea Reseach Training; 1st Quality report Presentation; Start of discussion on project Sustainability.
Dissemination Event; 1st Thematic WorkshopVNUADecember 2020Hanoi, VietnamWorkshop on Quality Assurance Mechanism; Questionnaire Draft Version Presentation and Definition of Survey Methodology; Launch of Call for Paper; 2nd Dissemination Event: Presentation of Handbook of Best Practices for Dissemination.
1st Quality MeetingUBFebruary 2021Barcelona, Spain1st Quality meeting (external expert); 3rd Dissemination Event; 3rd SC; National Center Portal Set up Discussion; Management and financial meeting.
4th Dissemination EventTNUApril/May 2021Thai Nguyen City, VietnamPresentation of the Recommendation Paper on Graduate Tracking in Vietnam; 2nd Quality Report Presentation plus External Expert Report Presentation.
Dissemination Event; 2nd Thematic WorkshopAJCSeptember/October 2021Hanoi, Vietnam2nd Thematic Workshop: Self Assessment Tool on Scanning Key competences for Employability; Selection of the Winner of the call for Paper; 4th SC and management and financial meeting.
1st Project ConferenceAlmaLaureaDecember 2021Bologna, ItalyFirst Conference named “One belt one Road – China-Indochina Peninsula Corridor”;
Award of the Winner of the Call for Paper; 6th Dissemination Event; Presentation of Draft of Sustainability Agreement; Stakeholder Network Database Presentation.
Management and Dissemination MeetingHTCFebruary 2022Hanoi, Vietnam5th SC; 7th Dissemination event; Research meeting and analysis of collected data (CATI-CAWI); National Center Structure Definition and Portal draft version presentation.
2nd ConferenceHalouApril/May 2022Uong Bi CitySecond Conference named “Evidence based policy and higher education: progress, pitfalls and promise“;
3rd Quality report and external expert report presentation; Preliminary Discussion on the Structure of the Graduate Tracking Report.
Dissemination eventFHJJuly 2022Graz, Austria8th Dissemination Event; 6th SC; Presentation of the “Stakeholders network creation”;
Presentation of the Guidelines for Graduates Tracking Survey;
Mangement and finanical meeting
Final ConferenceHANUNovember 2022Hanoi, Vietnam9th dissemination event;
Presentation of the pilot “Graduate tracking report”; Signature of the Sustainability Agreement.