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Innovative Character

For the first time, MOTIVE Project will create a Center for Graduates Tracking in Vietnam as a unique research/consultant portal at disposal of the HE education system and institutions, policy makers in charge of HE and labour markets governance in Vietnam. The Center, capitalizing the previous experience of 561656 Erasmus+ project, is based on the graduates database collecting only students data (experience during studies) from the beneficiaries universities. The Center is conceived to easily allow the inclusion of new universities so to become a national tool (added value) for graduates tracking in Vietnam. The Center sustainability, through the creation of a management/decisional unit, will allow to run graduates tracking surveys and/or any survey based on students data beyond project life. A team of experts, belonging to the beneficiaries universities, will be trained on how to run graduates surveys (employment status survey) according to international standards and European best practices. A network of stakeholders, including students, companies, experts from labour markets and HE, for periodic consultation before survey launching: consultation will help to tune up the survey questionnaire with new contents and emerging needs. The stakeholders network database will be stored at the National Center.