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WP.8 Project Management

Project Management is aimed to carry out the management of the project in the most efficient way. As for activities related to project management, starting with the first planned meeting (Kick off), the partners will formalize the conditions and the rules behind the cooperation; the partnership agreement will be discussed and signed by the partners. Each partner will appoint the staff to be involved in the project implementation and will be grouped in proper team according to types of activities to be performed.

The coordinator will set up a management structure who will work as a team, but will be underlined (as well as in the partnership agreements) the responsibility of each partner.

The coordinator (AlmaLaurea) will play the main role in activities coordination, communication with all partners as well as a bridge between partners and EACEA and responsible with the overall activities of the Project implementation.

Major decisions such as revision of the budget allocation among headings, corrective measures for address eventual shortcomings, divergences among partners on project implementation will be acted by the Steering Committee on a consensual basis. In case of divergent opinions, a vote will take place. The Steering Committee is formed by the highest representatives or legal representative of each partner organization (e.i Rector, President, Vice-rector, Vice-President, Director, General Manager, etc.).