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WP.7 Quality tools for project implementation

The aim of the Quality WP is the monitoring and quality control of the project activities planned and related outputs/outcomes. In order to achieve this goal, a Quality Committee, composed by the local coordinator at each partner level, will be appointed since the Kick Off meeting.

The Quality Committee will meet in presence once a year.

In case of risks or other identified problems that could emerge during the implementation phase at project or partner level, the QC member of the respective partner will inform the coordinator and other members of the QC about the problem in order to set up a skype meeting or other urgent communications measures to solve the eventually raised problems.

In case of persistent conflict, the steering committee will intervene to mediate.

The quality control is set up internally under the supervision of the Quality Committee and will count as well on an external evaluation. For this, an external expert with experience and competences in international project management, labour market and/or higher education sector will be identified.

The mix composition of the Quality Committee will allow, from one side to benefit from the European partners experience in project implementation, and from the other side, to better understand the Vietnamese local context, so to minimize the shortcomings.

The Quality Committee will design and draft the Project Quality Plan (PQP).

The PQP will detail the quality standards that apply to deliverables and processes, as well as the project quality management, the internal communication plan and the financial accountability methods to be respected by partners.

The Quality Committee will act as well in order to assess activities performance in relation to set goals and work plan, to ensure that the action is in line with high quality standards, to evaluate both processes and products and to get information for eventual changes in project’ progress.

The Quality Committee will work very close with the external quality expert appointed.

The external expert in quality control will collect the documents from the partners, will have access to project website and all internal documents in order to allow him/she to monitor, verify and give efficient feedbacks and eventually suggestions and recommendations, in order to reach the highest quality of the project deliverables.

The external expert in quality will give a feedback at the end of the first year of project implementation and during the second and third years. The External quality reports are available in reserved area, under WP Quality.

After the periodical evaluation by the external expert, partners will define the possible adjustments to contents and timing of the foreseen outcomes without hinder the overall project management and contents.

The internal monitoring reports will contribute to the definition of the intermediate and final reports required by EACEA.

The independent auditor will provide the Factual Findings report to be included in the final report to be sent to EACEA.