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WP.4 Enhancing staff capabilities to support the reform policies

Higher education represents a set of institutions through which high-level qualifications are provided following professional and academic training processes (Witte 2006; Maasen and Stensaker 2011). This set includes educational suppliers, regulatory and supervisory organizations, regulations, social rules and practices. The support to the implementation of the Higher Education reforms requires the involvement of the Universities staff as a crucial factor for enhancing the understanding and debate among Higher Education Institutions in Vietnam regarding current changes in the HE framework.

A cycle of workshops and conferences (2 workshops and 2 conferences) in line with the aforementioned goals will be organized during project life, aimed at enhancing the Higher Education stakeholders (included universities staff) with knowledge on key topics for the policy reform in higher education and at help the understanding, the development and implementation of new possible approaches and tools for different categories of stakeholders.

Guidelines, recommendations and advices resulting from the discussions will be summarized in the “Recommendation paper on university governance and strategic policies in higher education”.

Below the details on the planned workshops:

Two workshops (under WP.4.1) will be organized on the umbrella topic “How to use Graduates surveys’ data for supporting governance reform and QA in higher education”:

The first one, entitled “Quality assurance mechanisms and approaches and its governance within the Vietnamese institutions” will be chaired by ANECA and dedicated to the aspects related on one hand on how to use Graduates surveys’ data for supporting governance reform and QA in higher education and will be organized at month 12.

The second one, entitled “Self-assessment tool on scanning the key competences for employability acquired along the degree studies” will be chaired by INCOMA so to provide ietnamese universities with the design and implementation of an innovative learning solution to better match educational offer and labour markets needs and will be organized at month 21.

Under the WP.4.2, two conferences will be organized on the umbrella topic “Evidence based policies and assessment tools for developing the higher education sector within society”.

The first one, entitled “Graduates and Labour Market” highlights the future opportunities for the Higher Education in Asia and the tools for improving the higher education sectors put in force by the stakeholders in the area. The conference will be held in Bologna, Italy at month 24.

In occasion of this Conference a call for papers will be published. The call for paper will have as topic “Graduates and labour market” and will allow the participation and submission of working papers from Vietnamese students, belonging to the universities part of the project. A review commission will be appointed and the best working paper will be presented during the Bologna Conference. The author (one student) will be invited to present the paper during the conference and the working paper will be published as well on Project website under the section “Scientific publications” and on the portal of Center for Graduates Tracking.

The second one, organized at Academy of Journalism and Communication in Hanoi, will have as topic the “Evidence-based policy and higher education: progress, pitfalls and promise”. The conference is conceived to stimulate wider reflections on core issues for the political dialogue on the governance of higher education, including topics as: identifying and/or revisiting employment and labour markets priorities in Vietnam, graduate profile-labour markets mismatches and how to address them, how universities and industry may enhance their collaboration, and will be organized at month 29.

The four topics of conference and workshops were chosen to be totally in line with the Regional Priority n. 3, “Developing the Higher Education sector within society at large” – Definition, implementation and monitoring reform policies (including evidence-based policies, governance, quality assurance of higher education sector, introduction of transparency tools).