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WP.3 Vietnamese Pilot Graduates tracking survey

The WP aims at releasing the graduates tracking report for the beneficiary universities of MOTIVE.

In order to release the report, the team of researchers of each university will systematize the information provided through CAWI and CATI interviews so to create a database ready for statistical analysis and report draft. The database will be exploited so to draft the report according to the main chapters of the questionnaire. Each university will run the employment status survey of their graduates and the team of researchers will also work together for summarizing main similarities and main trend common to the beneficiaries’ university graduates.

The intensive training provided to the research team on how to develop graduates tracking survey based on AlmaLaurea experience and EU best practices will be exploited in the present WP.

Following the collection of the data, a meeting will be held so to decide the best structure and indicators to draft the report. The Graduates tracking survey is the result of the monitoring of graduates’ access to the labour markets within the reference year after graduation. It is a picture of the job situation of the graduates, of their professional status, of the remuneration and of their satisfaction with the work done, on the branch and sector in which they work, on the use of the skills acquired at the university.

It is also a tool for evaluating the effectiveness of the academic system and for assessing the attitude of the labour markets towards graduates, also representing a guide to families and secondary school leavers for choosing the university course of study. The report will include a chapter devoted to the quality assurance recommendations for a better inclusion of the Vietnamese graduates into the national labour market, for labour market policy reform and higher education alignment with labour markets needs.