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Aims and Objectives

The MOTIVE Project, supported and inspired by MOET, aims at ensuring that the Vietnamese higher education system addresses the challenge of reform policy implementation on tracking graduates, by monitoring their transition towards the labour market as well as their employment status, through the set-up of the first Higher Eductaion Institutions Centre for Tracking of Graduates in Vietnam.

The project envisages the following specific objectives:

  • To strengthen the capacity for the Vietnamese to release graduate surveys;
  • To build-up the capacity for the Vietnamese in exploiting the data of graduates for the adoption of quality assurance measures;
  • To increase cooperation between Vietnamese universities and MOET on graduate tracking;
  • To reinforce the connection between partner institutions and society on graduate tracking.

Graduate tracking is a priority of MOET in the current governance reform of higher education in Vietnam, therefore the higher education institutions in the country are mobilized to accomplish at the request of MOET. The Centre, as a research and consultant unit of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training, of the university system and stakeholders in higher education, will meet these priorities. It represents an innovative approach and tool for supporting governance reform and policy making by collecting in a systematic way the data of graduates/students and provides updated information on the status of graduates in labour markets. The Centre represents a feasible and sustainable tool for future studies or surveys based on university data of students and graduates (longitudinal studies; Graduates Profile, Graduates Employment Status Survey) as it will be supported by the consortium team members trained during MOTIVE. Thanks to the set-up of the Centre, the first survey of graduates employment status of Vietnamese Graduates in the beneficiary universities, developed on unique methodology and tools, will be run. The survey is also a tool for students to access job markets after graduation, and choose suitable jobs and careers for their specializations. The Centre will have as main tool for running surveys a unique database of students/graduates, the VOYAGE platform, which was created by 561656 Erasmus+ project (http://www.voyage-project.eu) and will be enlarged to newcomer universities under the MOTIVE project. Periodic consultation with the national stakeholders will take place in order to influence the governance and policy reform in higher education and labour markets. A network of stakeholders will be set-up with the aim of reviewing the contents of the surveys of graduates in accordance with the changing environment and priorities. A core goal of the project is the capacity building activities aimed at transferring the IT based tools and research methodologies to beneficiaries for running graduate tracking surveys, as well as best practices on job matches and employability (as a priority of improving staff competence highlighted in the 2011-2020 MOET educational development strategy). A network of stakeholders, namely students, graduates, companies and local institutions, will be created and stored in the centre database of stakeholders for periodic consultation on the issue of graduate tracking. The network will support the need to develop higher education relations within society at large in the country as highlighted by the current strategic priorities of MOET.