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WP.5 Dissemination

The purpose of the dissemination WP is to spread the project results at national level and more widely, so that the National Center and its tacking activities can be visible beyond project life. The dissemination activities, also rooted in the coordinator and EU partner long lasting activities in the field of international projects will be arranged so to reach the following scopes:

-to make the project visible to stakeholders and inform them on the potential benefits arising from the project

-to establish and maintain mechanism for an effective and timely communication

-to make the project appealing to target group during public events

-to provide a handbook of best practises for dissemination with a focus on  graduate tracking surveys, collecting the best practices of project consortium in international cooperation

Among the main dissemination outputs stays the set-up of the project website to be active since project start, the production of dissemination materials (brochure, leaflets, poster and video presentation) in Vietnamese and English and the delivering of 9 dissemination meetings, 3 in Europe (one in each EU country involved) and 6 in Vietnam (two per year during the implementation phase).