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WP.2 Development of tools and methodologies for Graduates tracking in Vietnam

Work Package 2 is aimed at develop the tools and methodologies for running the first unique graduates tracking survey in the nine universities beneficiary of the action which assumes the knowledge by the coordinator of the existing surveys run by the beneficiary universities, including methodologies and tools currently used by the beneficiaries of the action. A face to face debate and share of ideas among the research team of the universities is needed to create a unique baseline and a critical mass of experts for tracking graduates in Vietnam. The goal of the project is to reach high response rates to the survey as an important indicator of its quality and of providing the universities with a sustainable methodology to run quality surveys in the future.

In order to make the survey competitive at international level and comparable with EU standards, a workshop is envisaged. The workshop aims at transfer to the research teams of the Vietnamese universities all the main contents and best practices related to the graduates tracking survey carried out in Europe, in particular in Northern Europe (Austria) and Southern Europe (Italy, Spain). The workshop starts from the Vietnamese experience in graduates tracking. A special session will be carried out by the coordinator AlmaLaurea, that has more than 20 years of experience in carrying out graduates tracking in Italy with surveys investigating the employment status of Italian graduates at 1,2,5 years at graduation. Following the delivery of the workshop the survey indicators and questionnaire will be defined, capitalizing the experiences already carried out by the beneficiary universities in a unique framework. The WP discussion and share of information about the data will allow to define the most suitable methodology to run the survey (web based interview-CAWI and/or phone interview-CATI).