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WP.6 Vietnamese National Center for Graduate Tracking

Work Package 6 aims at set up in Vietnam the first National Center for Graduate Tracking. The Center will support the governance of the higher education system in the country by running students and graduates surveys thus monitoring the Vietnamese graduates’ university-labour market transition as well as the employment situation of the graduates in the labour market. The Center will have as main tool for running surveys a unique students/graduates database, the extended VOYAGE platform, whose pilot has been created within 561656 project and that will be enlarged to newcomer universities under MOTIVE project. The first step for creating the Center will be the integration of newcomer universities of AJC, VNUA and TNU in VOYAGE platform, composed at the time of project submission by six universities; HANU, PTIT and NUAE, fully integrated and populating the database under 561656 project and HUHA, HALONG and HALOU integrated at the end of VOYAGE Project.

During the three year of project implementation the Center will be located at HANU, already hosting the VOYAGE platform (https://voyage.hanu.vn/) as hub of the university data network.

The structure of the Center will be defined, including management, services, functions, modalities for joining the center by new stakeholders.

A sustainability agreement will be reached, detailing all aspects for guarantying the future of the Center as consortium engagement, source of financing, task of the consortium members.

A value added of the project also stays in the creation of a database of stakeholders at disposal of the Center to be contacted for advices and for taking part to periodic consultation for tuning up graduate/students tracking surveys before survey start. The National Center for graduates tracking will host a working paper series, created within MOTIVE project, for allowing new graduates, researchers, experts in the field of higher education, graduates studies, labour market and international cooperation to make their work visible. The National Center portal will be created and crossed link to VOYAGE platform website (https://voyage.hanu.vn/). It will be published on the HANU portal.