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EMSIV – new Erasmus+ Project kick off; synergy with MOTIVE Project

The new Erasmus+ Project “Empowerment of Ethnic Minority Students in Vietnam” – EMSIV, organise the kickk of meeting in Bologna, on 12-13 of March 2024. EMSIV Project, has as objectives: empower students belonging to ethnic minorities; provide a picture of their perception of discrimination; analyse the view the labour market on these groups; provide university staff and students with EU best practices for enhancing employability and recommendations for their transferability to the local contexts; implement capacity-transfer to HEI academic staff by creating synergies and by strengthening the links with the business sector and with private or public organisations active in the fields of education, training and youth; promote the commitment of employers, policy makers and training institutions  – sensitize those stakeholders in providing more opportunities to ethnic minority youth; raise the awareness of civil society, stakeholders and policy makers on the issue of ethnic minority students’ inclusion in society and into the labour market. The Project has as partners from Europe AlmaLaurea Interuniversity Consortium, University of Insubria and Polytechnic of Porto, while from Vietnam has 4 higher education institutions (Hanoi University, Thai Nguyen University, Tau Nguyen University and Nha Trang University), as representative of business world  the Management Board of Hanoi Industrial Zones and Processing & Export Areas as well as from the non-governmental community, the Agriculture and Forestry Research & Development  Center for Moutainous Region. The event can be followed also on line.